Is cannabis a medicine?

Is cannabis a medicine?

Cannabis for medicinal purposes is an alternative treatment for palliative care patients that aids in symptom relief. Current science supports the use of Cannabis as an analgesic painkiller, anti-emetic and appetite stimulant. Research is continuing to further verify additional cases of therapeutic alleviation.

The medical benefits of cannabis come from chemical compounds known as cannabinoids and terpenes, which interact with the central nervous and immune systems to provide relief. Best known is THC (delta-9 THC), the cannabinoid that produces a psychotropic effect. However, the other cannabinoids and terpenes are also shown to play an important medicinal role and should be considered by patients.

The Cannabis plant is an annual, flowering herb, native to Asia and has been naturalized and cultivated worldwide. Cannabis may be one of the most recognized plants in the world due its distinctive leaf structure of serrate-edged leaflets radiating from the base. Traditionally, three major classes have been recognized:

  • Cannabis Sativa are tall thin-leafed plants that originated in areas near the equator. They are known to produce a cerebral euphoria characterized by a sense of energy and alertness.
  • Cannabis Indica are shorter bushier plants with larger leaves and grow at higher altitudes. They are commonly known to produce a strong “physical” euphoria manifest-ing in the body with analgesic and sedative effects.
  • Cannabis Ruderalis also known as hemp, contains no THC and is commonly used for rope, paper and clothing.
  • Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica can also be crossbred to produce what are known as Hybrids. Most of what medical marijuana patients experience today are going to be some ratio of a hybrid. We will classify these as either Sativa dominant or Indica dominant depending on their more prominent traits such as growth patterns and physical effects on the body.

We provide top quality therapeutic medical marijuana that is free of any pesticides, mold, and is laboratory tested for purity and consistency.

Curaleaf’s cultivation utilizes the controlled application of essential, life-sustaining elements such as energy and nutritional cycles with a combination of crucial environmental factors that promote plant health and growth. Each element must be present – at the right time and at the right level – throughout the growing cycle for optimal results.

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